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Most Reproductive States

Number of births divided by Population: Census 2008

Created by: SamAllgood

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Birth rate divided by population ... where are we having the most babies per capita?

RankRegionNumber of births÷Population: Census 2008Result
10New Mexico29,936.00÷1,984,356.000.02
13South Dakota11,919.00÷804,194.000.01
17District of Columbia8,523.00÷591,833.000.01
24South Carolina62,171.00÷4,479,800.000.01
26North Carolina127,859.00÷9,222,414.000.01
34North Dakota8,621.00÷641,481.000.01
36New Jersey115,020.00÷8,682,661.000.01
42New York250,104.00÷19,490,297.000.01
47Rhode Island12,372.00÷1,050,788.000.01
48West Virginia20,931.00÷1,814,468.000.01
49New Hampshire14,378.00÷1,315,809.000.01
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It'd be nice to have more significant digits (out to four or five at least) in the "Result" column.

To tell you the truth I did not quite understand the meaning of that rank and on waht basis it was calculated...
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Utah is ranked #1. Is that because there are 3 wives having babies for each husband?

No, Utah just has the lowest median age. Lots of older folks in Vermont and Maine means lower reproductive rates in those states.

Its surprising for me that Oklahoma has a high rate of birth rate per capita but on the other hand we may find a lot of activities to control the birth rate. Lets see when state will be successful in controlling it. Thanks
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Utah on the top for birth rate per capita, that's surprising. Texas on the second number for this high birth rate, I think there is a need to come up with a plan to control and reduce this rate. Health awareness programs can be helpful in this regard. Thanks
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But does Utah have the lowest median age BECAUSE people there have been having so many babies? What's the chicken and what's the egg?


West Virginia is that because:

1) Everyone is related-->cannot carry babies to term
2) The "Mountain Milk" is suppressing their plumbing?

West Virginia isn't last, it's 48th. Maine is 50th; Vermont is 51st......I don't know how that happened since there are only 50 states. Those states are last or near last because the young people leave the state before marrying and the Mexicans haven't made it that far north yet.

Okay, now I see why Vermont is 51st.....they included the District of Criminals (DC) in the stats.

Explanation right here:

Utah has the youngest median age, followed by Texas and Alaska.

Maine has the oldest median age, followed by Vermont, WV and NH.

I'm surprised Utah is so high on the list. Must be all those polygamists having multiple children with each wife.

Utah is the best reproductive state possible where are also the most slots players.

Looks like my home state of Missouri is middle of road for reproduction. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
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That's very useful data and I think no. of child per capita is reducing due to the use of contraceptives and awareness about how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. This rate is higher in Hispanic and black women and lower in other women. Thanks for sharing.
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Its surprising for me that we are having high birth rate per capita in Texas. Well Texas is already running campaigns to control this rate. Lets see how much successful it will be in reducing the rate. Thanks for sharing it.
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Its a good sign that New York has the least rate of birth per capita and I hope NY govt. will work hard to maintain this rate in stead of using old methods to control the birthrate. Thanks
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So, Vermonters (rank 51) don't copulate very much. Who knew?

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