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firearm deaths vs Vehicle Deaths

# of Deaths Due to Injury by Firearms per 100k plus # of Deaths Due to Motor Vehicle Accidents per 100k

Created by: asdflkj223

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RankRegion# of Deaths Due to Injury by Firearms per 100k+# of Deaths Due to Motor Vehicle Accidents per 100kResult
4Virgin Islands43.20+0.0043.20
8New Mexico14.50+24.1038.60
10South Carolina14.00+24.1038.10
12West Virginia13.20+23.1036.30
16South Dakota9.70+24.2033.90
18North Carolina12.70+19.2031.90
23Puerto Rico17.40+12.3029.70
25District of Columbia20.60+6.8027.40
30North Dakota6.70+17.9024.60
47New Hampshire6.10+9.5015.60
49New Jersey5.70+8.8014.50
51New York5.10+8.1013.20
52Rhode Island4.20+7.8012.00
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this has nothing to do with the fkn subject...

Shouldn't this be divide instead of plus to create a ratio? These two factors added together mean nothing.

These show that cars are much more dangerous than firearms. Something that weighs a ton or two, traveling 30mph+ does way more damage than a 9mm to the leg.

Gun Deaths Will Exceed Road Deaths
We need a national campaign to reduce gun deaths the way we reduced vehicle deaths. In 1965, 5.3 people died per 100 million miles driven, a total of 47,000 people dying on our roads. The rate of vehicle deaths was increasing. Then we had Ralph Nader (Unsafe At Any Speed) and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). The result? It cut the death rate by a factor of 5. By 2009 one-fifth as many people were dying on the road per 100 million miles even though we drove 4 times as many miles.
This remarkable success did not come at the expense of denying us cars. This year vehicle deaths and gun deaths will intersect on the graph with gun deaths rapidly increasing and vehicle deaths decreasing. The figures for 2012 should be about 33,000 vehicle deaths and about 33,000 gun deaths. Both figures are for all causes of death. Why does the NRA and 25% of the population who own guns oppose any effort to slow down the slaughter in our classrooms and homes? The NRA needs to expand its effective Eddie Eagle program for children and stop spending millions to eliminate gun safety laws. The weapons manufacturers (supported by both political parties) spend millions to make guns more and more deadly. I’m tired of seeing Tea Party posters that say “We came without our guns….this time”. I’m tired of the subtle threats of violent reprisal for speaking out against this carnage. Please, let’s work together. Change the NRA mission and support Mothers Against Gun Violence. Google it.
Dr. John Gochenouer Southwest Minnesota State University.

If you think America is so violent then why do you continue to live in it. go to somalia or affichanistan, where people are blown up and shot. the suffering there is terrible and violent. This is America, don't ever forget that. Yes, there has been some terrible violence in this country, but no where near it is other countires. you may bring up Europe or Japan as a counter argument to prove that we are the most violent postindustrial country. However, let's not forget South Africa or Brazil whose rate of gun violence far exceeds ours. Do you gun control advocates ever stop to think there might be a country in this world whose violence far exceeds our own? The world is a big place and you must account for that when you do your stats. I do agree with you that gun violence is an issue we can resolve with effective policy but gun violence is a global issue. Not just in America.

The majority of gun violence in America is caused by unregistered, illegal firearms. The only thing that surpasses the illegal gun trade in the U.S. is the drug trade. If you take weapons away from responsible citizens, then the country will suffer. A criminal will always find his way to a gun and usually does not obtain a weapon through legal channels anyway.

No....You're wrong....The majority of the gun violence in America is caused by the people who are USING the guns.

And they're obtained illegally you half-wit.

Agreed, law abiding gun owners are NOT the problem. Just like law abiding drivers.

Yeah take your blinders off Fucktard! It's deranged criminals you need to fear not law abiding responsible gun owners! And if you think the gov't of the United States will take away our "legal" rights to owning guns then you really are delusional! The remote chance of that happening is NEVER. So perhaps you should dig deep into those empty crevices in your brain and search for some intelligence that may help you open your eyes to the real problem and help the rest of us figure out how to make it more difficult for criminals instead if bashing the good guys that may one day save your ass because obviously you don't believe in self-defense!!!!!

ARM YOURSELF AMERICANS.. THIS IS DOMESTIC TERRISIOM!!!!! I train daily with the M4, and now my right to personally own the civilian equivalent has been stripped away from me. I took an oath to defend this county...... I dread the day I am sent overseas as an Amaeican armed with shap spear and stone!

You will never be without ur weapon as a member of the military. That was the most idiotic comment I have ever seen! Also a civilian has no business owning an assault rifle. I am former military and I loved my M4 while serving but I have no use for one now.....if I do I need to reasses my lifestyle

"Also a civilian has no business owning an assault rifle" Who are you to say I've no right to own an assault rifle? None what-so-fucking-ever. As long as I'm not doing anything illegal with it its not your goddamned business what I own or where and how I choose to use it. furthermore these MILITARY REPLICA RIFLES are not "Assault Rifles" and as a service veteran you of ALL people should know this. there is no select fire potential in these guns. Its a liberal scare tactic used to disassemble gun rights piecemeal. In fact I urge private citizens to buy FULLY Automatic weapons whenever they can find them reasonably priced as per the NFA private citizen ARE allowed to own Fully automatic weapons (a common misconception that we can't)

An anti gun advocate posing as a pro gun-rights person, talking trash to make people think gun owners are hot headed illiterate fools.

Can I simply just say what a relief to uncover someone who
really understands what they're talking about on the internet.
You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
More people must look at this and understand this side
of your story. I was surprised you are not more popular since you definitely possess
the gift.

You are a moron and obviously a fake. You are not allowed to have your weapons on base unless you are training or on duty.


"Why does the NRA and 25% of the population who own guns oppose any effort to slow down the slaughter in our classrooms and homes?"

Not true. I dare you to find a sane, legal, and registered gun owner who is in favor of the slaughtering in classrooms and homes.

The reason they fight most gun legislation is because the legislation is trying to take away or at least hinder or slow down access to guns. The problem isn't the normal people who own guns, it's the crazy, illegal, and/or unregistered gun owners that are the biggest problem. Gun legislation doesn't affect them, anyway.

Like the "Unsafe at Any Speed" and MADD campaigns you mentioned, the solution was education, not restriction. How about instead of restricting people buying guns, we educate every gun owner and potential gun owner about proper gun safety and when and how to use the gun and proper maintenance.

nicely put

Here in my state there have been 1,022 traffic deaths as of November 20. Conversely, there have been 214 murders by guns in the same time frame..........
I don't hear any of you whining about and calling for CAR CONTROL!

That's a great idea! Require a license, insurance, and registration for firearms. I'm sure you've never heard this before, but good thinking. For all of you who think you need a gun to protect you from the gov't, I've got a news flash: the gov't has these guys, maybe you've heard of them, Seals(my uncle), Special Forces(another uncle), Rangers (I was one), Marines (my brothers are), and the military in general, to handle you and your buddies with your AR-15's. Good luck with that. You threaten the US with your psycho pseudo 2nd Amendment BS and it will be my pleasure to end you, with my licensed and registered firearm.

I am confused. Are you the gov't? Do you not believe in the 2nd Amendment? So if the gov't goes by the way of socialism, dictatorship or of the sort, you will be right there to snuff out the populace who are trying to protect their rights as a republic? I hope it never comes to a civil war scenario. You do know what happened to a well armed, well disciplined, well trained army? They were defeated by a bunch of rednecks with squirrel guns!

You talking about a "pleasure to end you" after calling these guys "psycho"? Catch a clue, and check into a mental hospital. I will not insure my firearms so that some liberal asshat protected by 35 armed Sercret Service agents can smile and say he's doing the right thing to "protect our children" by making it illegal for me to buy a high capacity magazine, or a gun that LOOKS like an AK-47, M16 or other military rifle. The whole argument reeks of bullshit. Address the issue of not letting criminals get their hands on weapons. Safeguard against purchases of ANY gun by those who are mentally ill, and allow me, a responsible owner, to carry where I want with fear of federal penalty because I drive by a school on my way to work.

Too bad you are one of the ones that is being targeted. It is the people just like you who obey the laws who will end up losing their guns. Not the criminals who do not.

You are not a real service member, because all of the real ones that I know(which are many) swore an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. They are REQUIRED to disobey all orders that violate the Constitution and would stand with law-abiding gun owners if usurpation ever occurred or if a violating order was given. The military has a little thing called the UCMJ and they cannot use the excuse "I was just following orders" when violating the Constitution!
Sure, you might have a few kool-aid drinkers and self-serving officers and pen-pushers that would align on the usurpers side, but the majority would side with the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, Country-loving Patriots (the definition of a patriot is a person who sides with the NATION, not the government - they can be corrupted.)
I pray that never happens and most 2nd amendment supporters would do everything possible to resolve things politically.

My are just another wannabe Call of Duty loner who likes to pretend they are a soldier.

Yeah and some of us are former Seals, Marines, and Force Recon as well. So go fuck yourself. It would be my pleasure to see you try to end me.

Moron how many times do you use a car a day??? In a week??? In a month??? And in a year??? If our society used a gun as often as a car we would have millions of death dumb ass.

The rate of people killed by guns in the US is 19.5 times higher than similar high-income countries in the world.

Dumb Ass. Do you even know what you are spewing? What do you mean by use a gun as often as we drive a car. That doesn't make any sense. I carry while driving, not driving and for home protection so I guess I 'use' a guns more than driving. And I know lots of people who do the same. No one died from them. MORON or is it DUMB ASS!!!!!

Your argument is way off track, here. I carry, or "use" a gun from the time I leave my house in the morning until the time I go to bed at night. Every single day. Whether I'm at work, exercising, shopping, or shooting, I'm using a gun. The issue is with our society, not with inanimate objects. The problem resides within the people who are willing to commit these outrageous crimes. No amount of legislation will deter them from wreaking havoc on innocent lives, if that is what they are hellbent on doing. As you may already know, drugs are illegal, and people die every day because of drugs. Making guns illegal is futile. If you don't see that, wake up.

Besides, the worst school massacre in american history killed 38 elementary school children and six adults, and injured at least 58 other people without guns. So evil is truly in the heart of the man that can do this.
Please google Bath School Disaster.

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I carry my gun all day long every day. I have my gun on me way more than I'm in my car. So your argument doesn't really hold up.

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Moron how many times do you use a car a day??? In a week??? In a month??? And in a year??? If our society used a gun as often as a car we would have millions of death dumb ass.

The rate of people killed by guns in the US is 19.5 times higher than similar high-income countries in the world.

Violent crimes with guns infact are higher in other countries than in the US. If you look at the stats from Europe and seperate the counties, you find that violent crimes are higher. You will find also the percentage of violent crimes in metropolitan areas with 250,000 or more the violent crimes are twice the national average ( ). The stats speak for themselves. Any person can manipulate on liberal media stats and make an argument seem to be something its not. Thats called being a Democrat. But I like the truth. So get your numbers correct before you start spilling trash you obviously know nothing about.

u fuckin idiot u can suck on a fat unregistered 44 barrel n swallow on a bullet have u ever heard of the crips my cuzins n the bloods my brothers n every other faction out there that know these steets cuz we kill on these streets, steal on these streets n run these streets so bring ur bull shit 2 a hood near u n talk that shit bitch.....shut the fuck up.

If the focus by gun violence decriers were 100% focused on education and gun safety, rather than gun control/denial, there would be no need for the NRA to spend lobby money. Also, you wouldn't have the Tea Party against you but with you on that. The problem is that this is NEVER the case. The solution proposed is always gun control/denial. Abandon that and we can do the work you're calling for.

Holy shit, someone else with a Brain. I applaud that line of thinking. I teach anyone who asks proper gun safety, and I do it for free since I take my responsibility as a gun owner seriously. Furthermore, ignorance breeds fear, which is what the anti-gun preys upon.

Hum, I wonder if the same type of cuts to the auto industry would have made anyone revolt like the gun owners are experiencing now. Say cut the maximum speed on all vehicles down to 30 mph. That would greatly reduce the risk of accidental injury. And cut the maximum capacity down to two there by reducing the possable number of children the driver could injure or kill at on time. And make the purchase of fuel very difficult. And of course, lets not give any concern to the auto workers that will not have a job from goverment restrictions imposed on their industry. Welfare can pick up the cost of feeding their children. Let's face the truth people, it is not the gun or the automobile that takes the life of a human. It is the operator.

Perfect, then lets fix gun problems the same way. Let's do it like you say "without the expense of denying us guns." Be tougher on those that break the laws and create more severe punishments against these animals and don't inconvenience a single one of us that obey the laws and HAVEN'T shot someone.

Perfect, then lets fix gun problems the same way. Let's do it like you say "without the expense of denying us guns." Be tougher on those that break the laws and create more severe punishments against these animals and don't inconvenience a single one of us that obey the laws and HAVEN'T shot someone.

You need to check your numbers. By FBI stats you are way off and violent crimes including with guns are and have been in a serious decline for more than ten years, by more than 50% in most all states and the us as a whole. Before you speak like you are, you need to use correct numbers and not act like our liberal media and spill out half truths and lies. The under informed voters have already fallen for too much of this trash as it is.

You fail to realize that the majority of gun deaths are due to police shootings and suicide! Gun homicides vs auto deaths barely even make the chart.... Learn facts so you won't look so ignorant to others.

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